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  2. …and I’m drawing the power rangers son.

  3. So, it began as all these shapes, these individual shapes that are all special. All of them are unique and they interact with each other. They were all the same color, and things were simple.

  5. kid JMB.

    color him!


  6. small peek at a painting named “Champion”

  7. I consider Mannie Fresh to be one of the best beat makers of all time. In my opinion he has some of the best bass lines in all of Hip Hop.  ex. Young Jeezy’s “And Then What” and T.I.’s “Top Back”. I remember trying to emulate his style when I was playing with music.

    Much love to everyone who likes and follows my work.

    On a randomly unrelated note, I cannot wait for the new Ninja Turtles movie.


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  9. Abstraction 2

  10. Abstraction.

  11. She Hot.


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  12. What kinda shirts ride 20 inch chrome
    Turning off his phone cause hoes don’t wanna leave him alone?

    Hot Shirts.

    Available for purchase


  13. Facing Demons.

  14. Classic. Hashtagbigkid

  15. In 24 hours! For one day only the “Friday” shirt will be available at etsy.com/shop/xpayne