1. As the world wobbles, I have to force myself to STOP (all pun intended) and think about where I’m going creatively. The internet moves faster and faster everyday. It’s kind of scary to be honest. Yes, the etsy shop is empty at the moment. I’m slowing down now so I can speed up later. Prints and shirts are coming though. AIIIIIGHT?

  2. #wcw championship Wednesdays.

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  3. Bushido Betty and Sasha Samurai have their own brand. Its called Effing People Up. They’re pretty peaceful at the moment though. Morning! #SS3

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  4. the world is behind us
    Once a motherfucker get an understanding on the game
    and what the levels and the rules of the game is
    Then the world ain’t no trick no more
    The world is a game to be played
    So now we lookin at the world from behind us
    Niggaz know what we gotta do, we just gotta put our mind to it and do it
    It’s all about the papers, money rule the world
    Bitches make the world go round
    Real niggaz do what they wanna do, bitch niggaz do what they can

    Starin at the world through my rearview

    -Tupac Shakur

  5. Happening now @localovereverything !!!!

  7. A lil ‘Ye

  8. an old old piece i never posted. Crisis #4.


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  9. This Saturday.

    All resources raised by Local Over Everything will benefit Notes for Notes of Nashville TN, a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing youth with FREE access to studio’s called MusicBoxes. At Notes for Notes youth learn how to express themselves in a creative, inspiring, and safe recording studio environment..Our mission is to provide Notes for Notes with an alternative source of monetary donations to continue to expand their influential program throughout the Nashville area.

  10. sketch book version of Chuck.


  12. dynastylnoire:


    well that is terrible, i know in the age of VOD it really doesn’t matter but that’s a section of my world growing up that just ended 

    Jesus is coming

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  13. do do do…do do doooo…

    follow the lights. they lead to something.

  14. a couple people asked me about some dbz stuff.


  15. Artist Talk Happening now. @ Blend studio 79 arcade building Naaaaaassssshhviiiiiiille