2. #Flyers for #itcouldbesoSimple art show. Sept 6 from 6-9pm at blend studio. 79 arcade #nashville TN!

  3. Comin SOon!

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  4. Robin Williams isn’t dead. He’s just waiting in the jungle until someone rolls a 5 or 8.

    Genies can’t die.

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  5. It’s time. There’s something you don’t know about me internet. I’m a die hard fan of TMNT. Like, I could be on a game show.

  6. Preliminary sketch of “a lil kanye” for the kanye west tribute concert coming in September in the Ville of Nash. So won’t you raise your glass, won’t you?


  7. "I’ve seen so many people, mostly white, refer to racist videos as “disgusting.” No. Pizza with anchovies is disgusting. Spoiled milk is disgusting. What we have been seeing is infuriating. Damaging. Riot inducing. But black people can’t get angry out loud because we’ve seen what happens to the angry Negro. So, we pray."
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  8. Oha. Not finished tho.

  9. I stopped halfway through this after realizing how many entries there were for this Game contest. Holy crap. Is he really going to go through them all…? Prollem is, most of the entries consisted of low resolution pics taken from the Internet, and if they were printed out would look hella blurry and pixelated. So, I just wanna share this because it works as a stand alone piece as well. Red riding hood.

  10. watch ya mouf.

  11. Etsy.com/shop/xpayne

  12. Etsy.com/shop/xpayne

  13. Coming soon.

  14. #YearoftheWolf @leausteez @bloodmoneylafamilia @whenarichniggawantyou

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    This is like 8 different mediums in one. Graphite, pen, watercolor, marker… Shout out to w-khalifah.tumblr.com for putting me on to this. Thanks to all the supporters and thanks to the Game for a great creative move and a great opportunity for all visually creative people.

    I was watching Game’s interview and he told us this album was going to be really angry. So, I made the cover a little angry.

  15. Hoping I can pull this off…Year of the Wolf. photoshop concept image.