1. In the midst of all my business, I had to do something that was just…fun.

    Legolas is one of my favorite characters in the Lord of the Rings universe.

    He’s dope to me because he’s this rediculously old guy, who radiates this eternal youth. When I read the Lord of the Rings, he never seemed like an old guy to me, even though he was one of the oldest main characters. The same things goes for the movie. He’s really light on his feet (hence the floating feet) and extremely skilled with a bow and arrow.

    But even more than that, he represents a link to the natural world, along with the rest of his kind. For those of you who never read the books, Elves are immortal, as long as the natural world lives. So, when the natural world dies, so do the elves.

    Anyway, here he is, having some sort of spiritual conversation with a rose. -X-

    Win, Lose, or Draw.

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